Demolition & Salvage

We are a locally-owned deconstruction business that serves to reduce waste in commercial and residential demolition projects. Our desire is to provide a valuable service to businesses and homeowners in Missoula, Montana and the greater Northwest.


If it doesn’t make sense to move it or renovate it, we can provide demolition and deconstruction services to make your building disappear and leave you with a reclaimed site irregardless, including:

  • Asbestos Inspection/Abatement
  • NESHAP Notifications
  • Deconstruction/Salvage
  • Mechanical Demo/Disposal
  • Subgrade Reclamation

With a diverse approach to minimizing waste and volume trucked to the landfill, and utilization of industry partners who care about our environment as much as you do, we can offer green solutions to an age old problem.

Responsible Demolition To Help With Waste Reduction

We handle commercial and residential jobs, small and large, which range from partial distmantles to the entire deconstruction of a structure.  We are committed to providing professional and responsible demolition and deconstruction services in both commercial and residential capacities

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We offer a variety of commercial deconstruction services:

  • Large Commercial Building Distmantles

  • Apartment Buildings

  • Restaurants

  • Retail Spaces

Complete Deconstruction of Structures

  • Houses

  • Garages

  • Sheds/Barns


Interior/Exterior Deconstruction


  • Kitchen, bathroom, remodels

  • Window, door removal

  • Carpet, tile, and wood flooring removal

  • Siding removal

  • 2nd Story of home removal