Structure Jacking & Moving

We Lift Structures and Work On Foundations Below.

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Innovative Rigging

Montana Moving and Rigging specializes in moving, shoring, and raising wood frame buildings, steel buildings, pole barns, and concrete slab structures. We can coordinate all aspects of your project from excavation, foundation, utilities, mechanical, and carpentry services to keep your costs down and complete your project in a timely manner.

Foundation Repair & Levelling

House raising or structure jacking involves the same steps as moving a house, but instead of moving it away, it sits elevated above the existing site. The ground below is excavated, allowing for construction of a new foundation or room to add another floor or basement level. This is the cheapest way to physically double the square footage of a building because it requires no additional roof structure or foundation work if the existing foundation is good.

We have extensive experience with safely raising and moving structures in a host of different scenarios and configurations.

Some of the services and equipment we provide:

  • Structure Moving and Relocation
  • Structure Jacking
  • FEMA flood plain mitigation and reclamation
  • Modern Hydraulic Jacking System to safely raise your structure
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Why Jack Up Existing Structures?

House raising might be done if the foundation is damaged, or if the homeowner wants to expand the home. Raising the house is cheaper than building on top of the structure, saving as much as 50 percent. Raising your building or home is an answer to improve your equity. Raising a house to extend the height of the basement or to build a full basement is an effective way to double the square footage.